How do I move to Canada from India?

Canada is a big country with a growing population and a strong economy. If you are looking for the right way to move to this country, you need to follow the right steps.

Canada has a very flourishing economy and home to many great cities. Vancouver of Canada has been chosen as the best city to live a few years in the row. Toronto is another excellent city with lots of offers. The economy is really thriving in some cities in Canada. There are so many reasons that many people are moving to Canada from several parts of the world.

Most of the new immigrants come to the country for work and they need to have the work permit before entering the country. There are many people who visit the place as a student and they require having their student Visa to move in Canada. You can ally for the PR visa also to move to Canada.

There are many websites that offer complete assistance to get the permit to live in Canada. You can get a complete idea about the visa application process, your eligibility to apply for the visa and even they offer online application process too.

Check your eligibility first
You need to check you’re your eligibility first, you are not allowed to shift to Canada if you have following flaws:

  • International or human violations
  • Health issues
  • Criminal record
  • Financial issues
  • Non-compliance with the Immigration Refugee Protection Act
  • Misrepresentation
  • Have an inadmissible member in your family

Consider the legal residencies 

To get your entry in Canada, you need to go through the legal channel. There are different ways that you can choose to apply for a Canadian Visa. 

You can apply as an student visa, if you want to study in Canada and Work there and settle there..

For skilled workers, get an express entry. If you have a minimum of 12 months of experience of managerial and professional trade work, you can apply for Canadian Visa. 

You can apply also as an investor or business start-ups. You should have at least $10 million net worth in Canadian dollar to apply in this category. 

There is also the option of a family sponsor. If you have a family member in Canada, they can sponsor you to move to Canada. 

Spouse sponsored is another option. If your wife or husband is a permanent Canadian resident they can sponsor to move in Canada as a permanent resident. But you should have a legal marriage proof. 

There are also other options like Quebec selected, province residency, international adoption, refugee, caregiver visa or visa for self-employed. You can apply for a visa in these sectors with the right eligibility. 

How to apply for Canada Visa?

If you know the right genre of visa that you can apply, visit the reliable website or the Canadian immigration office for the application process. You can also consult with Immigration Consultants provide the necessary documents for the Visa as per your eligibility. Transfer the money for application and then wait for the time to get it to approve. 

Filing the visa application is not that easy as well. It’s always recommended that file a Visa under the supervision or assistance of an expert. Hence, it is recommended you contact the local Canadian immigration consultant to help you with the key visa filing procedure, i.e. complete assessment, Offer letter (in case of Study Visa), form filling with accuracy, attaching key documents, filing the visa and following up with the office for timely approval of the same.

Why Brightworld Immigration ?

A trusted immigration consultant can help multiple ways in your immigration to Canada. You will get to know this once you meet our expert for Canada immigration at Brightworld. Brightworld being one of the best Immigration Consultancies in India assign you the best Visa Counsellors, who are certified immigration specialists having more than 10 years of experience. At Brightworld, we can help you in the complete visa filing procedure, i.e. the letter drafting, selecting College and Course, applying for an Offer letter, form filling, documentation assistance, filing the application, etc. once you are asked to file a visa application by the authorities.

So, Are you Interested to move to Canada from India, Want to Study in Canada, or Want to Invest in Canada and settle there? If yes! then you just need to fill the free assessment form or call the expert directly on Toll-Free No. – 018 7424 1999

Tip 1: Before leaving for Canada check all the documents and passports, immigrants Visa, etc. have two copies of the complete list of items that you are carrying with you and separate lists for the things that will come later. 

Tired of flipping through brochures of schools and getting lost on universities’ websites? Landmark Immigration with years of experience in shaping careers can help you choose the Canadian course and institution that suits your personal circumstances – like your academic and financial background. While helping you in taking the right decisions we will also take into account your long term objectives, for example, your profession aspirations. Probing the admission process of your chosen university can often be a confounding task. Landmark Immigration an accredited as the best immigration consultant for Canada in India, makes things easier for the students. We furthermore coordinate with the pertinent educational institution admission office, acting as your representative to ensure the process moves forward as efficiently as possible.

Thanks to the outstanding Canadian education system, its quality of life and its national income the nation is regarded as one of the best places to live in the world. What’s more, with a Canada student visa you can enjoy the country’s stunning landscapes, cultural diversity, and a safe environment for pursuing education.

But the admission and visa process have specific requirements and meeting them can be arduous for the students. Landmark, one of the best immigration consultants for Canada ensures that each of the requirements is met completely. Also, we will listen and will discuss, then provide the best solution after taking into consideration your individual needs and personal goals.

Our counselors are familiar with the current visa rules, university admission processes, etc. and have also undergone specialized training in a range of universities all over the world. In addition to that they are highly qualified and also understand the challenges faced by, international students aspiring to study overseas.

To say the least keeping in mind the requirements of such students regarding study visa in Canada, we have designed our processes. Each and every task in the process, beginning from admission to visa to making travel arrangements is systematic and trouble-free.

Canada is known for top-class education institutions, an abundance of top-of-the-line education programs in multiple streams and a fast-growing economy that welcomes worldwide students with open arms. A multicultural nation with easy access to world-class education and affordable living are some more features that motivate thousands of students to flock to Canada every year.

Canada land of Bagels and Maple Syrup is one of the most educated countries in the world with half of the residents having college degrees. Moreover, it ranks top in the world in terms of spending per capita for university education.

But, remember the application for international study can take up to 7 weeks processing time so you should be very quick in getting your application off. Landmark Immigration the top immigration consultant for Canada loves to help international students at every stage of the application.

Our counselors ensure that students receive the offer of acceptance from their chosen Canadian university well in time. They also provide advice regarding the documentation required for a student visa and help in lodging the student visa application. Furthermore, they follow up with the concerned visa office for the smooth processing of your file.

So if you want a Canadian student visa from India we are the best source to contact for your needs.

Key Points About Canadian Education System

  • Higher education in Canada costs just half as much as it would be in other top study destinations like the US.
  • Students have the option to work while they are studying.
  • After finishing studies students are automatically eligible for post-graduate work permit
  • After gaining valuable work experience international students can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency

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